Books We Love

Here are a handful of books that we have benefited from and regularly pass out to those who come around Santa Cruz Baptist

What is The Gospel?

This book explains the basic message of the good news of Jesus Christ.  If you've ever heard Christians use the word "gospel" and wondered what they mean, this is a great little book to help you understand. 

Just Do Something

This book is a humorous, yet biblical look at the term "will of God" in the Scriptures.  In everyday life we make so many decisions and this can be paralyzing.  DeYoung explains how to make decisions within God's will.

What is a Healthy church?

This book is a look at nine key components that lead to a healthy church.  While they're not the only things that lead to church health, they are some of the more important things that you should look for when choosing a church family.


a gospel primer for christians

This is another helpful book centered around the gospel. If you’ve ever been tempted to believe God will only love you based on what you can do for him, this book is for you.